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Starting at $50

Allow me to curate a selection just for you! This I know: every time you read a wonderful book, you are resurrected. You are not the same person you were before you read that book. You are more expansive. This is more space within you, and therefore there is more space within the universe and in the human realm. More room for real biodiversity of the ways we live, love, yearn, suffer, struggle, connect, fail, fight, glow, and transcend, in all our fallibility. It is a miracle that we can be reborn in this way, over and over again if we are fortunate. What magic. When we immerse ourselves in the rich world of a novel or poetry collection, epic poem or ancient or contemporary drama, we connect in a profound way with another human consciousness. We are all connected. Our consciousnesses are seeded with the magic of the lives of others, humans just like us, and sometimes during our lives we struggle with despair or rootlessness or a sense of being lost or disconnected. Sometimes a small stack of books and the promise of their worlds, inner and outer, can help us heal. If you purchase a bibliotherapy recommendation, I will send you a short questionnaire or we can email or talk on the phone. Then, within about a week, I will send you a list of 1 - 5 books that I believe may help you find your sparkle, may re-awaken your emotions and compassion for yourself and others, and all kinds of other marvelous effects for your heart, mind, soul, and imagination. This makes a great gift for others, too!

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